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Mushrooms, Moths, Irises and Robins!

So the Mushrooms and the Moths are Finished. I was so thrilled with them because they are very much in the style of Edward Gorey who was a pen and ink illustrator I was inspired by during my degree circa 2003.

This particular book is quite dark in nature (my tastes have changed quite dramatically since then) but I love that I was able to bring this style to a subject that is light and happy 😊

The Mustard Exclusive Colourway is very Fun!!

I chose the Blue Grey as the Non-Exclusive as that is the colour I wear most often and I do love to sew. I’m actually hoping to buy some fabric soon as September will certainly be a sewing month for me!! I can’t wait to see how it prints!!

Simultaneously I was drawing a rather beautiful Iris from my very old (I think the book may be older than me) British Countryside book!!

I thoroughly enjoyed drawing this Iris. It was something that just jumped out of the book at me. Obviously me being me I have exaggerated the colours! I’d blame my poor eyesight but I just love vivid, bright and Bold!!

Upon creating the design itself I started with a very over complicated seamless pattern and then quickly realised whilst staring at the repeat of said pattern that it was overcrowded, too busy and just didn’t work so I adjusted it. I think it’s simplicity allows for greater appreciation of the detailed flower itself!

I will put up this design later at 7:30pm GMT on Instagram and Facebook

Coming Soon… Robins (Explanation in Next Post!) Thanks for Reading 📖

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