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I lost my Mojo!

It went…it left me! I started to wonder if I would bother to even attempt to get ‘it’ back but then as always inspiration hit!

It’s always different.. this time it was the amazing photographs of Jason Mules! All close ups of insects…revealing their beauty, intricate detail and Fluffiness!!!!!!!

How Amazing!!!!

So fluffy you just want to cuddle that beautiful blue butterfly!

so ….I got drawing and drew 5 of Jason’s Butterflies!

once pieced together with some Handdrawn wildflowers the design came together and felt like a beautiful meadow!!!

I can’t wait to get this printed! The vibrant colours make me happy inside!!! I have no idea what I would make i just know I need this fabric in my life!!!

I hope you like it as much as I do! 🦋✍️

Until the Next Design… God Bless! x

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